I thrive when it comes to execution and building teams. I have a proven track record of quickly understanding all facets of a business, including the technical, operational, financial, and marketing needs, creating strategic executional plans, and building, leading, and motivating the teams required to deliver against that plan.


  • 24 years of consumer, technical, operational, and executive (CEO/COO/CTO) leadership across a broad range of industries: eCommerce, Outdoor, Flash Sales, Smart Energy, Advertising, Emergency Management, Gaming, and Software
  • Key strengths are pride in ownership, a powerful can-do attitude, team building through strong leadership, successful experience in product development through full development life cycles, strong teamwork orientation, and complete ownership.
  • Proven ability in managing multi-disciplinary divisions (including engineering, business intelligence, marketing, finance, G&A, operations, logistics, and customer service)
  • Experience and strong working knowledge in wide technology areas.
  • Respected leader with key focus on motivation and mentoring my teams.
  • Broad international experience including launching products in over 20 countries, managing international teams, and building international partnerships


2011-2015 - CEO/COO/CTO The Clymb

  • Hired as first technical leader in a fast growing flash sales outdoor gear retailer, grew the team and business from under $10M to north of $50M in just over 2 years.
  • Quickly grew from VP of Technology to COO, leading all major company cross-functional initiatives and day to day operations, including Engineering, BI, Logistics, Fulfillment, Customer Service, and Digital Marketing
  • Promoted to CEO, and asked to lead a turnaround of the company. Within 30 days reduced fixed and variable expenses by 50%. Over 4 months led a process to find a strategic partner, and successfully sold the company to our largest competitor, providing a positive outcome for creditors, vendors, customers and the team.

2010-2011 - EVP Product & Engineering, GridPoint Inc.

  • Responsible for all products of Gridpoint Inc, a private smart energy company providing a comprehensive set of offerings from solar panels to smart charging of electric vehicles.
  • Manage a multi-disciplinary, geographically distributed team of ~50 people across product management, program management, software engineering, hardware engineering, quality assurance, and product operations.

2009 - President & CTO, Emicus

  • First employee and overall manager for a local startup, focused on helping people get better information before, during, and after natural disasters and weather related emergencies.
  • Built the team, managed product delivery, drove fund-raising, ran the office and all HR functions, and even wrote pieces of the code.

2005-2008 - CTO, Marchex Inc.

  • Responsible for all products of Marchex Inc, a $140,000,000+ a year public company, specializing in local search and advertising.
  • Managed a team of ~80 people responsible for all of technology aspects of the company, including development, test, product management, production operations and corporate operations.
  • Revamped their software development team and processes, including replacing about 1/3 of the staff
  • Consistently delivered products ontime and under budget
  • Managed the team through 2 major technology acquisitions

2002-2005 General Manager - Xbox Live & Platform, Microsoft Corporation

  • Driving force behind Xbox Live - one of the world's first social networks and the world's most successful online console gaming service
  • Created the Xbox Live team and business from scratch - starting with about 10 people, growing to 50 people at launch.
  • Managed the entire 250 person software and services team (product design, development, documentation, planning, operations, usability) for Xbox 360 &
  • Virtual CEO for the Xbox Live business with direct functional responsibilities for the product, and matrix responsibilities for sales, marketing and business development.
  • Xbox Live grew from no users to over 2 million paying users in the 3 years I was there (revenue of over ~$100,000,000 per year) and is now over 20 million members
  • Key spokesperson and partner representative for entire Xbox business/product, both in the US and internationally in Europe and Asia.

1999-2002 Product Unit Manager, Founder - Xbox, Microsoft Corp.

  • One of the first 10 people on the Xbox product, I helped get the product approved with senior management, formed the initial product vision and strategy, and recruited/managed the 50 person platform software team.

1996-1999 Group Program Manager, Product Unit Manager - IIS, Microsoft Corp.

  • Helped Microsoft enter the Internet era with the web server business. Started managing a small team (3 people) designing IIS 2.0, and grew to managing then entire team of 50+ people that delivered IIS 4.0.

1992-1996 Program Manager/Lead - Windows NT, Microsoft Corp.

  • Designed and delivered the Win32 software development kits for Windows NT 3.0, 3.1, 4.0, and Windows 95.

EDUCATION 1987-1992 BASc in Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo

INTERESTS Running, Skiing, Hiking, Reading

REFERENCES Available On Request